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**Order Desk is a third party app that is not associated with this website. For more information about integrating with Order Desk, contact us at support@picthegift.com.**

Order Desk is a cloud-based order management platform designed to simplify and automate the order fulfillment process for businesses. This is a paid service that we cover the cost of foryou. It seamlessly integrates with a variety of e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, and fulfillment services, providing a centralized hub for managing orders. By connecting Pic The Gift to Order Desk, businesses can efficiently manage their Pic The Gift orders and streamline their order fulfillment processes. Additionally, Pic The Gift makes it effortless for its customers to integrate with Order Desk, allowing them to easily leverage its capabilities for their business needs.

Order Desk copies orders from your store (Etsy, Shopify, etc) and puts them in one central location with your customers order and shipping info. Then you attach the necessary information needed to submit an order to us. The two pieces of information that are needed to successfully submit an order are: print_sku (our product code) and print_url (link to artwork). New Orders from your store will automatically import into the New folder. Once an order has been submitted to PTG, it will automatically move into the Prepared folder. After the order has shipped, it will automatically move into the Closed folder.

  Order desk general help topics

Preparing An order

To add print_sku (our product code) - click on the line item to Edit Item > Add a Variation 
Name = print_sku, Value = product code

To upgrade Shipping per order, click Edit Order Details before submitting the order and enter our Shipping Class into the Shipping Method field (case sensitive). 

Your Default Mail Class is set to Economy. This means that all of your orders will default to Economy shipping. You have the option to change your Default Mail Class from the dropdown in the Pic The Gift Integration. This dropdown is also where you will find all of our shipping methods. 

To add Rush Production (4 day - $9.95), before submitting the order, click the Add Checkout Data Fields button 
Name = handling, Value = RUSH

To add/edit Gift Message before submitting an order, click Add Checkout Data Fields button
Name = gift_message, Value = gift message goes here

When ready to submit an order, click the Pic The Gift Button and it will send directly to us and then will show that the order was submitted successfully.

Once a has been submitted via Order Desk, then you cannot make any other changes to that order in OD. You will need to make any changes at wholesale2.picthegift.com

How to Add Artwork


To add print_url (via Dropbox Widget) - select the corresponding line from the dropdown (1, 2 etc.) > Choose file (location on your computer) > Upload.
Now the link to the artwork will be embedded in the Metadata for that item.

Items that are double sided will require two pieces of artwork (2 print_urls). To do this, you will manually need to label the print_url to print_url and print_url_2.

Most items that are double sided (requiring two pieces of artwork) will have a -2 (dash 2) at the end of their product code (sku)



user Portal


wholesale2.picthegift.com is your user portal. Here you are able to cancel an order, update shipping details, view real-time production reports and add/edit gift messages. The user/password is the same as the Pic the Gift integration in Order Desk. If you reset this password, then you will need to update it in Order Desk > Manage Integrations > Pic The Gift.



invoice Portal


E Biz - our payment portal to invoice you
We will invoice you on days that an order ships (not at the time of placing an order) from our facility. You will receive log in info to your email address associated with the accounts. Here you will be able to see product and shipping charges and can set up Auto Pay with your preferred payment method. Click on the eyeball icon next to each invoice number to download the full detailed invoice. We prefer if you set auto pay to a minimum of once per week, however, you can set it for daily, or pay it manually as they come in.



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