Custom Pet Collar - Small to Medium 16" - 20" PC1620

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    Custom Pet Collar - Small to Medium

    • Decorate your own custom and durable pet collar, perfectly sized and easily adjustable for medium-sized dogs
    • Woven polyester fabric collar can be custom printed on the approximately 11.25" x 0.75" printable area, with any full-color pattern, text, or image!
    • Our unique ink transfer printing process ensures an extremely durable image by printing directly to the fabric - no smudges, peeling, cracking, or flaking of important details such as contact information!
    • Pet collar features a 1" silver D-ring for tags and leashes to clip to, and a 1" black plastic side-release buckle for closure
    • Can be adjusted to lengths 12.5" - 20" (measured end-to-end while unbuckled)
    • Sizing: For best, and most accurate sizing, measure any collars you already may own that comfortably fit your pet. Then unbuckle them and measure the collar end to end - this length will be your ideal collar length for your dog. Collars should fit snug around the base of the neck with enough to room to fit approximately two to three fingers through.
      Note: When measuring an existing collar, if the collar style is a "belt-buckle" style, then measure from the buckle end to the hole setting currently being used, not end-to-end.

    Create Your Own Custom Pet Collar with Our Designer

    Customizing your own pet collar is very easy and simple with our state-of-the-art online designer, and you can create a personalized pet collar for yourself or customer in no time at all! Simply upload your patterns or designs, and be creative!

    For advanced customization and layout, we highly recommend using our PSD template. This template includes multiple layers marked at various collar lengths that show you exact areas that will be obscured by the buckle or material overlap (especially when designing for smaller collars). This is the best way to ensure important name and text is not in an area that will be potentially covered up!

    Click here to use the PSD template to design your pet collar.

    Need This Sublimation Blank?

    Check out our partner to find this Pet Collar and all sorts of sublimation blanks that you can decorate yourself with a sublimation system. They offer items in single quantities and have free shipping on orders over $99*.

    Wholesale Custom Printed and Personalized Pet Accessories

    Looking for a printing partner to produce your own custom designed pet accessories or other fun pet gift items? Contact us today to inquire about wholesale discounts and to set up an account! Pic the Gift is a leader in sublimation print and product fulfillment, with industry-leading turnaround times, NO minimums or print set-up fees, always free shipping* -- plus complementary white-box (or "blind") dropshipping straight to your customer. Just sit back and enjoy creating your own personalized or custom designed gift line and let us handle the rest!


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    Production Time

    Standard production time on Pic The Gift Wholesale Print on Demand Personalized Gift Fulfillment orders is 10 business days, but most orders ship within 4-6 business days of receipt! Please be aware that more complex, larger items, such as handsewn goods and double-sided imprints, may require the full production time. A 4-day rush production upgrade is available.

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