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We're excited to add these new baby items to our vast selection of personalizable products.

These items are only supported by Order Desk at this time. If you are interested in learning more about Order Desk and how to get started with
these templates and more, please contact customer support. We've added photos and templates of the items below for easy viewing.


Personalized Sleeper Gown

SKU:  FAB_JER_GOWN (download template)


Personalized Baby Onesie

(0-3 months) SKU: FAB_JER_ONS_03  (download template)

 (3-6 months) SKU:  FAB_JER_ONS_36 (download template)

(6-12 months) SKU:  FAB_JER_ONS_612 (download template)

Personalized Headband with Jumbo Bow

SKU: HEADBANDBOW (download template)

Personalized Baby Onesie
Personalized Baby Headband Bow



Personalized Scrunchie

SKU: FAB_JER_SRNCH (download template)

Personalized Hair Scrunchie


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